Beacon Baptist Church, Jupiter Farms still not open

Since I drive by the new home of Beacon Baptist Church every day, I can keep an eye on the progress being made...or not.  The building is really quite beautiful and I think fits into the community and adds a lot to the Indiantown Road area.  But I keep waiting, and waiting, and waiting for it to open.

Since I know folks that attend (although not actually connected to the construction) I called and asked what they knew about the holdups.  I was told that one hold up was the County thought the pressure was too low in the water fountain and made the Church replace the unit to fix this.

I was also told that a pipe had to be dug up and painted blue to comply with "The Code".

Now I can't say that these things are true, just that they were reported to me.  In the meantime, BBC is having to share its former building on Center Street with the new owner Christian Family Church.
So Wednesday night service is held on Thursday night and Sunday service is being held at 8 am.

Are Jupiter & Jupiter Farms great places to live? You bet!

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