Burt Reynolds Boat Ramp and Park

In Jupiter, the Intracoastal Waterway used to run around a series of islands as it meandered along.  One of those islands is still there and is home to the Burt Reynolds Park.  The 74 year old Burt is, of course, our most famous son.  He still has a house up on the Intracoastal he has been trying to sell for years.  Even though it is in an ideal location and right on the water, and the price has been dropped nearly  50% it hasn't sold.

15 or 20 years ago, this was a small park with lots of Australian Pines planted in rows running north and south. These trees provided a tremendous amount of shade. During the week you could find guys in trucks parked in the shade having their lunch and enjoying the cool breezes in this area. On the weekend, boaters could return to find their cars semi-cool.  Then, they decided to "improve" the park.  First step, cut down all the shade trees and replace them with coconut palms.

Don't get me wrong...I love tall coconut palms. I grew up with them in Miami. But the pines were lovely and provided so much shade.

These shots were taken on the east side on US One where the smaller boats launch. They can launch on this side because they can still get under the bridge at high tide. On the west side is a smaller, 2 slip ramp but the bigger boats use this since there are no fixed bridges.

Once in the water, you head north for the Inlet and out to the ocean.  You always have the chance of having a day of fishing like this one below.

Does this look like a great place to live?  You bet it is!
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