Jupiter Beach north of Ocean Trail gets replenishment

Long shore current or drift is the natural process by which sand and other beach sediments move along the coast or offshore.  It creates a problem for construction along the shoreline since it erodes the beach.

The easiest solution in the past was to just get the taxpayers to pay for pumping or trucking more sand in.  It's really no different than getting taxpayers to fund flood insurance where the risk is very high and private insurers know it is a good place to take a loss, so they don't get involved.

Sometimes sand is pumped from offshore and sometimes it is trucked in, truck after truck after truck after truck........

Now, with money getting scarce, some condo owners are considering replenishing the beach...and willing to pay for it themselves.  Ocean Trail in Jupiter is considering footing the $3 million bill to delay the erosion there.

Just north of Ocean Trail, Jupiter Beach is being replenished by pumping sand which is collected in the Inlet, up on the beach via long pipes.  A lot of shells come out of the pipe and its always a great place for kids to play.  When the Inlet basin is empty, our most popular game fish, snook, congregate there as they ambush bait fish on the incoming tides.

Here's a picture of the operation taken by the Jupiter Inlet Web Cam atop the northern most building of Ocean Trail.  You can see the pipes and dozers working in the picture.  This should hold us until the next really big storm from the northeast removes it all again.  Then, its back to work.  Like kids in a sandbox, it's fun to move around, but it really doesn't make any long term difference.  It's just that the toys are bigger.

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