Another dead coconut palm

Several months ago, I published a blog post on the damage done to the coconut palms in this area and on Jupiter Island.  Some of the tallest and most beautiful trees were severely damaged but I was sure they would come back.  However, I was wrong.  Many graceful palms were killed like the one above which has since been removed.  (I know its not a great picture but it was taken in a hurry).  Coconuts always remind people of our beautiful, Coastal Florida lifestyle and anytime we lose one, it's a big loss.

I grew up in Miami where the skyline was punctuated with towering palms, mostly of the variety Jamaica Tall.  When the Lethal Yellowing scourge hit, it killed all the trees and changed the skyline forever.  Many new varieties such as Golden Malayans were planted, but they lack the towering stature of the older palms.  And palms grow slowly so these trees will not likely be replaced in our lifetime.

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