Glenn Beck, now Mike Huckabee

In days gone by, people became wealthy by building companies and creating jobs.  No more.
I mean, owning a factory is so gauche.

Now the richest among us are life coaches, entertainers and pundits.  I think everyone is seeking something and these mouthpieces bring life to peoples feelings.  Consider:

Rush Limbaugh, $ 58 million last year
Sean Hannity, $ 22 million last year
Glenn Beck, $ 38 million last year

Last night, Glenn Beck held an event at the local theater where you could pay $20 to sit in the theater and listed to him speaking live from somewhere up north.  Last year, he arrived at Books a Million amid flashing blue lights and a mob scene to sign his latest book.  The cops closed the store to regular shoppers except those trapped inside when the meelee started.

Today, we find out Mike Huckabee will be following suit.  He will be signing books there next week.  Its interesting that with electronic readers like the Kindle and iPad becoming so popular, people still want to buy a book and get it signed.

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