Jupiter Lighthouse, sorry no pic, but celebrating 150 years

Our iconic brick red beauty celebrates its 150th anniversary this year and is in great shape for its age. With project funding in the wings, the lighthouse will get a new paint job on the inside to make sure that the tower holds up another 150 years for our posterity.

The museum’s new exhibit "Five Thousand Years on the Loxahatchee" gives visitors a glimpse of what it took to erect a Lighthouse in the wilderness along the eastern most point of Florida’s shore. Weather, insects, disease and wars all had their impact on the construction and operation of the Jupiter Light but none could permanently extinguish the beacon or the brave pioneering spirit of the Lighthouse Keepers and their families. With a supply delivery every few months or less residents of the Jupiter Inlet had to become self-sufficient and learn to thrive by ingenuity. Using the materials supplied to them as well as items from ship wrecks and repurposing the natural resources on hand, they brilliantly forged the beginnings of the community we enjoy today.

The Loxahatchee River Historical Society considers it an honor to be caretakers and educators of the 150 year-old Jupiter Light and our remarkable maritime history. The recently opened Tindall Pioneer Homestead exhibit put the icing on the historic cake. Special anniversary events, such as the May 29 dinner-dance, Memorial Day Salute to the Armed Services, can be found at www.jupiterlighthouse.org. Discover the many ways you can join in the sesquicentennial celebration of the Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse!

I worked as a docent giving Lighthouse tours for awhile and had the greatest spot of all.  Most of the tour guides did not want to climb the stairs so I stayed at the top for hours at a time.  The view is spectacular!  If you haven't made the trip to the top yet, GO, and try to go at high tide when the water will be clear.

Sorry there is not picture here, but check out www.CoastalFloridaRealEstate.net and my You Tube Channel www.youtube.com/richardsites.  And send to your friends.