Jupiter Farms Publix: Now that's a generator!

For years, we went without any serious hurricanes although several threatened.  When Floyd was approaching, we evacuated along with hundreds of thousands of others but when the storm failed to make landfall, we instead spent our time vacationing on Siesta Key.

In 2004, when hurricanes Frances and Jean struck this area 3 weeks apart, we discovered how dependent we are on electricty.  Gas stations were open, but couldn't pump without electricity.  So the few that had gas were swamped.

And grocery stores had mountains of food spoil for the same reason.  When I was a kid in Miami, this time was really cool because the stores gave away ice cream.  In the early days of the convenience store battles, there were little stores all over.  The one near my house was called "U-Tot-Em" and like everything else in those days, it was not air-conditioned.  But back to the story.

I think the State of Florida legislated that gas stations had to install generators so this would never happen again.  Anyway, Publix installed generators like the one below to keep from losing their inventory.

Now, that's a generator!

These pictures were taken behind the Publix in Jupiter Farms.  So you can be sure the next time the power goes out, you can still buy groceries.  You just may have to walk to the store.