The secret to getting "the big check"

When selling a home, people often think that asking a high price, with the caveat "we can always come down later" is the best ticket to the 'big check" at the closing table.  Well, it ain't!  For two reasons.

First, there are buyers actively looking for homes in your price range right now.  This minute.  On computers all across the country.  Others are going out tomorrow in this area, with agents, to look at homes in your price range.  If you house is priced correctly, they will come see it.  They know what your home should be priced at since they are paying for it.  Find them and you can sell.

And it can be statistically proven that reducing the price of your house over time will mean to have to take a lower price than you would if initially priced correctly.

Second, nobody ever considers the hidden cost of carrying a home.  Add it up yourself:
First mortgage, second mortgage, contractors, maintenance, insurance, etc. and you will see that keeping your house on the market month after month is eroding any extra profit you hope to make.

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