IDX for your Admirals Cove home? It's like Bottleneck Pass

In the westerns we all watched as kids, whenever there was a chase, (good guys going after bad guys), the good guys would often yell, "We'll head them off at Bottleneck Pass!".
Apparently, all canyons out west have both large end and a small ends, like a funnel. And much like a roach motel, bad guys go in but they can't get out...except through Bottleneck Pass, the small end of the funnel.

Admirals Cove homes for sale
Captains Way in Admirals Cove

Today's Bottleneck Pass is called IDX, or Internet Data Exchange and here's why it's important.

1. About 85% of buyers start their home buying search on the Internet.
2. You cannot advertise other people's listings in print media without permission. But you can on the Internet through IDX. All agents and companies have IDX set up on their websites and show all the homes offered for sale. This is no different than what or the MLS itself provides, but it looks better.
So, every buyer looking for a home will go through Bottleneck Pass and that's where your presentation comes into play. It doesn't matter if you are selling an estate on Jupiter Island or in Admirals Cove, IDX is the only game in town.

Make sure you choose an agent who will get your home situated perfectly on the Internet to capture the buyers as they come by. This may be the only chance you get to gain their attention.

If you have been trying to sell without success, maybe it would make sense to have a conversation.  I have helped many sellers move forward in their lives, often with just days, by improving their value proposition just  1%.  We can do the same for your house.

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Admirals Cove homes for sale