Selling? Use your imagination

Jupiter real estate is some of the finest in the world!  We have fabulous weather, gorgeous beaches, county parks, golf course homes, waterfront properties, equestrian properties, ranches...and the list goes on.

Jonathan's Landing homes for sale
Jonathan's Island in Jonathan's Landing, Jupiter
So when putting your Jupiter home on the market, what are you or your agent doing to improve your value proposition?  Anything?  Or is your agent doing what every other agent does.  Use your imagination!

Disney made a vast empire out of his imagination.  In fact the people that design things at his parks are called 'Imagineers".  And often it only takes a 1% improvement in your value proposition to get your house sold.  I know, I've sold plenty of homes when other agents couldn't by making minor changes to the way the property was being perceived.

Have you checked your house online?  If not, hop over to my You Tube Channel and view my thoughts.

Jupiter Country Club
Jupiter Country Club  by Toll Brothers
What adjectives are being used to describe your house?  The same ones everyone else is using?  Things like "spectacular views", "lush landscaping", "a must see" or other tired phrases?  If you can't think up anything new, use a dictionary to find synonyms.

If you have been trying to sell without success, maybe it would make sense to talk.  You could join the list of happy customers I have moved forward in their lives, sometimes in just days.  In IBIS country club, I took over a listing after three other agents could not sell it.  I fixed the one issue keeping it from selling and sold it in 8 days.  Your house could be next.

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