Would you move your shower for $ 600,000?

Every time you  think you have heard it all in life something comes along that rocks your boat...again.

One of the jobs of being a real estate agent is to counsel people on how to effectively get their homes sold.  However, someone once said that anyone who acts as their own lawyer has a fool for a client and the same could be said of real estate.  If you are an agent just because you are selling your own house doesn't mean you won't fall into the same traps that keep only 1% of the For Sale By Owner homes from selling.

Remember, hope is not an effective selling strategy.

In selling your home, only five things make a difference.  And one of these five is accessibility.  Now I'm not talking about providing ramps to comply with ADA, I'm talking about making the home easy to show.

NAR statistics show that homes on lockboxes get shown 30% more than those that are not on lockboxes.  But what about the valuables we have around the house?  Move them out and lock them up, then put your house on a lockbox.

So what about the $600,000 shower?

Recently, I tried to schedule a showing on a home listed by the agent/owner for nearly $ 600,000.  I wanted to show it at 10 AM, but when I called her she told me she left for work at 11 and showered at 10.  Could I please make it another time?  Really?

Are you telling me that you wouldn't take a shower 30 minutes earlier than normal for $ 600,000?  YES, that's exactly what she was telling me.

Now, since every other house I had scheduled was "Appt. only" I took the only reasonable course.  We skipped her house.  If she thought I was going to reschedule my entire day so she could shower at her normal time she was really, really wrong.  Forget my schedule, what about everyone else involved.  Should I call them all again and ask them to move their appointments so she could take her normal shower?

Hope is not an effective selling strategy even if this owner thinks it is.

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