iPad HD...does your agent have one?

Okay, the big news everywhere is the expected release tomorrow of Apple's iPad 3.  Apple, a master of marketing, releases cryptic notes to the media who then fly into a frenzy checking every nook and cranny that might give them an idea of what is to come at these big events in the Bay Area.

The current thinking is that the new device will not be called the iPad 3 but rather the iPad HD.  Just the prospect that this will not be a totally new device but another incarnation of the already popular iPad 2 is enough to give Mac Heads the shivers.  Reports have surfaced that web resellers like Gazelle have been swamped with people trying to dump their iPad 2's before they become old news.  In fact, I just checked eBay and found over 5,000 iPads of different generations listed for sale.

Apple has sold 55.3 million of these nifty tools, no doubt many to real estate agents.  Those who like to boast of having the latest toy/tool have enjoyed parading around with their iPads brandishing them at every opportunity.  At a conference last year I was entertained by a woman who was positively ecstatic about what she said she could accomplish with her new tablet.  When I suggested that a netbook could do everything she mentioned, and more, I thought the room full of people was going to lynch me just for daring to suggest that the little device was not the be-all, end-all of technology.  I do not suffer from tablet envy.

So what is the point?  Well, if you are impressed by a tablet totting agent, how will this help sell your house?

The answer is:  It won't.

Now, I've got nothing against tablets.  But, people buy houses when they recognize value, not when the listing agent carries around a tablet.  I watched once as a listing agent tried to take notes of the property on her iPad, notes that could have been taken much quicker and easier with a pad and pen or better yet dictated into a recorder or the recording portion of the phone.  That would have saved me and the owners the time of watching her tap letters, one at a time, with her index finger.

So, there are five things that will get your house sold...and an iPad 3 or HD or a Galaxy 10.1 or an Archos or any other tablet is not included on this list.  Stick to the basics, provide a good value and you will sell  your house!  Period!

Remember, hope is not an effective selling strategy and a tablet is not either.

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