Massive foreclosure backlog in Palm Beach County

I came across this picture today of the foreclosure office in the Palm Beach County Clerk's office and just had to share it with you.  Despite tripling the number of employees who handle foreclosures, and scanning a feverish 30,000 case pages into the computer every day, staff can't keep up with what amounted to about 2,500 foreclosures each month last year. (In all of 2005, there were 3,049 foreclosures in the county).

This year, the Florida State Courts Administration is requesting $9.6 million from the state to hire more judges and speed the backlog of foreclosures through the system. The administration estimates there are about 500,000 foreclosure cases pending statewide, including 55,000 in Palm Beach County, and 13,750 in Martin and St. Lucie counties combined.

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