Can a moose help you sell your house?

Several years ago, I stopped by an open house to take a peek, (just like you I visit open houses), and began talking with the owner. He was convinced he could sell the house himself so he bought into a "No Commission" program where someone was going to Help Him Sell. However, that "help" will cost you a fee of $ 5,700 upfront. But he still had no offers.

Upon entering the house, which was very clean, I found the master's recliner positioned in front of the TV, remote at the ready, but over the chair on the wall was a mounted moose head. Now, I don't know if you have ever come face to face with a moose...but they are gigantic. When they are in your living room they are even bigger. There was no way you could appreciate the house without being overwhelmed by the moose.

Short ending to the story: House did not sell...$ 5,700 out the window (although he did not pay a "commission") and later he listed it with a Realtor who sold it.

Moral: A Realtor can be more help when selling your house than a moose!  Hire a Realtor!

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