Can a turkey help you sell your house? Or check the listing!

Recently, I posted a piece asking if a moose could help you sell your house. And I posted another piece on checking your MLS listing for accuracy and going online to see how others are viewing your home. Now let's ask: Can a turkey help you sell your house?

A couple of years back, I took over the sale of a home in Jupiter Farms which had been on the market for months with no offers. They asked me to help with the sale since I had sold their friend's house in 4 days to the first buyer who saw it. (I should note that the sellers of that house took copious notes when I told them what to do to sell it and spent several days prepping the house before we offered it for sale).

So, I met with the new prospective sellers and we went to their family computer to see how the house appeared online to look for glaring problems. We visited and then to the photos. There to our surprise among the only 5 pictures of the house was a picture of their pet turkey.

Now, I don't know what the psychological impact of a turkey is on the buyers, but I took the picture of the bird out, shot new pictures in the afternoon when the light was more favorable to the house, fertilized the grass so it was very green and had an offer at nearly full price in just 35 more days.

Enough said. Check your listing in the MLS.