Jupiter beaches offer heat relief

Homes in Jupiter offer everyone the chance to get to the beach as often as they like.  This afternoon I was with a group of people bemoaning the fact that they never get to the beach unless out of town company is here.  If they are from the north, they only have to go a couple of times before getting sunburned and then spend the rest of the vacation in the shade.  In any event, we have miles of fabulous beaches here and some portions are dog friendly, which means you can bring the family pooch with you.  If you don't get to the beach you've got nobody to blame buy yourself.

Jupiter real estate is all located within a ten minute drive of the beach, unless you catch the bridge up then you have to add 4 minutes to your trip.  If you live in Jupiter Farms, this trip might 15-20 minutes depending on where you are in this rural area.

But when the thermometer soars into the 90's, there is no better place to seek relief than our fabulous beaches especially where there is a little shade.  Like under the famous Juno Beach pier.

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Richard Sites, Realtor