The World Series and your real estate agent

I'm watching the sixth game of the World Series and thought I would add this thought to the real estate scene.

Recently, I posted on my website an observation that baseball coaches are calm and football coaches aren't because football is haphazard and baseball is a game of statistics. In baseball, they know that numbers tell the story and analyze everthing out as far as three decimals places. They don't say things like, "I think he's a pretty good player", they just look at the numbers.

Trades aren't based on what coaches think, they are based on the numbers.

So, when choosing a real estate agent did you get a thorough, statistical analysis of the market (like an apprasier would do) or did you get a boilerplate CMA with some nice pictures?

Think about it.

Hope is not an effective selling stategy.
Richard Sites
Realty Associates