Double red flags, the beach vs. the black mamba

We have been having tremendous winds here along the Jupiter and Tequesta coast for several days. I mean LOTS of wind.

Yesterday, I small tree blew over in my yard. This morning, it was my fruit laden papaya tree which fell into my banana trees. The papaya was so loaded with fruit, we could not stand it back up and had to cut 50% of the unripe fruit off to be able to right it. It still may not live and have to be trashed.

A couple of years ago we went through this same thing where it just blows and blows without ceasing. I had to stand up 3 or 4 trees after that big blow.

So, like all good coastal residents I headed for the beach at Jupiter Inlet. On a day like this, you can hardly find a parking spot since everyone wants to come to see the rough weather. Today thought is a double red flag day....beach closed to swimmers.

This is the sign they update daily with the current beach conditions.
Rip currents claim a few people each year who go out and when caught in a current, try to swim against it until they are exhausted and drown. It happens every year. Of course, it could be worse. In Kenya, experts estimate tens of thousands of people die each year from black mamba bites. And these snakes will come right into your house and can travel up to 12 mph. I doubt you can run that fast! But, you have to go looking for a rip current they aren't coming in your house.
Richard Sites