Summer fades into fall in Jupiter

Here we are in the middle of October and we are just getting out first taste of cool, fall weather. 2 weeks ago we had record heat which then gave way to record cool temps...but only for a couple of days. It never lasts very long here in Jupiter. The proximity of the ocean mitigates the bite of Jack Frost.

Although back yard fruit trees have mostly passed from favor with the influx of northerners, when I was growing up in Miami everyone had fruit trees. Right now, banana trees are holding fruit. In fact, I was playing golf this week at Jonathan's Landing and saw a dwarf cavendish banana tree propped up with the stalk of bananas covered with a protective bag so the fruit could mature. Banana trees in Florida always need some help to support their heavy cargo.

Orchids are just finishing their blooming. The few I have hanging in my trees still have a few flowers on them. They couldn't be any easier to take care of. Just hang them and forget them.

My 2 key lime trees have started dropping ripe fruit that I pick up daily and another pair of unidentified lime trees are practically breaking off with fruit.

Finally, my valencia and honeybell orange trees suffered a lot of root damage, so I picked the growing fruit to allow the trees to focus on recovering. I had a good crop last year but it looked like they needed to take a break this year.

Richard Sites, Realty Associates