Jupiter Florida latest real estate data

Jupiter/Tequesta Current Market Analysis as of October 14, 2009
Number of properties on the market in Jupiter & Tequesta: 1,510
Median living square footage: 2,000
Median list price: $ 429,000
Median per square foot price: $ 214.50
Median time on the market: 180 days

Jupiter/Tequesta Sold Market Analysis as of October 14, 2009

The data in the Jupiter/Tequesta area for the last 30 days reveals some interesting facts when compared to the above figures. First, the number of properties sold in the last 30 days was 121. The median size was 1,670 square feet and was listed at $ 250,000 when the house went under contract. The final median sales price was $ 143.71 per square foot or a final price $ 240,000, which is 96% of the listing price. Also, the median time on the market was 140 days.
Why isn't a high listing price necessary to achieve the highest net return?
Richard Sites