Peanut Island, where I found $ 100 while snorkeling

No, this isn't a south Pacific island paradise. Its Peanut Island in the Intracoastal Waterway near North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Shores and Palm Beach. Its not a natural island, but was created with fill when the Palm Beach Inlet was dug. Its called a "spoil island".
For years, it languished as a home to invasive Austrailian Pines and was wildly popular on the weekend with recreational boaters. On the south side is a very historic building used by JFK.
A few years back I was snorkeling here and found $ 100 bill on the bottom. Do we live in an affluent area? Another time I found a $ 50 bill blowing across a parking lot.
Anyway, if you want to get to Peanut Island and don't have a boat, just take the water taxi from Phil Foster Park.

The bridge in the back in the Blue Heron Bridge. It links Singer Island's southern tip to West Palm Beach. Since the water is crystal clear at high tide its a popular spot with scuba divers. You can read more about this by doing a web search.

The large, multi-colored building in the rear is Marina Grande. The MG condo was built on the site of the historic old Crab House restaurant.
In a partly cloudy Jupiter
Richard Sites