Jupiter Island's new commissioner is long-time conservationist

Barbara Carr, a Jupiter Island resident with 30 years of service in conservation institutions in the Midwest, was sworn in as a town commissioner Monday.

Carr, who moved to Jupiter Island as a resident in 2007, said in a phone interview that her service in public institutions has given her the skills needed for a job on the Jupiter Island commission.

Carr most recently served for 13 years as president of the Chicago Botanic Gardens. She oversaw creation of a 10-year master plan that led to the expansion of the gardens by 30 acres, shoreline restoration efforts and the creation of a Children’s Learning Center, according to information Carr submitted to the town.

Her master plan involved having members donate $148 million for the gardens, and she was responsible for working with governmental officials overseeing the organizations.
Before that, she served as president of Lincoln Park Zoological Society from 1975 to 1994.

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