Home sales data just out

In data just released, the home resale market is continuing to morph. Are you keeping pace? National median home prices dropped 12.4% from a year ago and in some areas, like S.E. Florida, they have dropped even more. So, Mr. & Mrs. Seller, are you adjusting? Using my Dynamic Market Positioning strategy you must continually reposition yourself to remain viable.

Further, most sales are being driven by the benefits of being a First Time Home Buyer. This means the market for the under $ 300,000 home is still strong and it levels off through the $500-$750,000 range.

Another key component is the surge in distressed properties. Its estimated that 1/2 of all sales are now distressed properties and of these, 2/3 are foreclosures. These prices are driving the market. So, Mr. & Mrs. Seller, are you keeping up with this change? What is your agent telling you?

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