Jupiter Farms means backyard chickens

Just west of the Town of Jupiter, is Jupiter Farms. The 16 square-mile area has about 5000 residents. Folks moved to Jupiter Farms to get away from restrictive HOA covenants and the distractions of having neighbors very close.

Out in "the Farms" as the residents call it in there are no HOA restrictions so you can do exactly as you please. One of the things that people like to do is have backyard chickens. Backyard chickens are very popular these days and with the perfect weather we're having right now egg laying is on the rise.

Here's a selection of today's eggs.

Homes in Jupiter Farms are typically situated on 1.25 acres although there are some 1 acre parcels. The older homes tend to me made of frame construction and often have a pond which was created to get the fill needed for the home pad.

The homes built in the last 15 years don't have ponds since fill was trucked in.  And nobody builds frame houses anymore.

There is a myth that frame houses are not a sturdy but the real issue is that wood simply rots in our sub-tropical climate.  Purchase costs are lower but maintenance costs are higher.

If you are looking at Jupiter Farms homes for sale, give me a call at 561-762-4073.  I have lived here for 15 years, in Jupiter for 25 and have called Florida my home all my life.  As the ad says, "See it like a native!"