Jupiter Farms real estate, parcels to 20 acres

Jupiter Farms real estate is an interesting collection of properties.  And why is it called the Farms?

Jupiter Farms real estate
Jupiter Farms residential property

There are two sections of homes in Jupiter Farms.  The name Farms comes from the fact there were Farms located near the old Burt Reynolds Ranch on Jupiter Farms Road.  Here there are still large, ex-Farms, properties of up to 20 acres.  These sites have some natural springs on them you would only be able to see in aerial photos or if you know the owners and have access to the property.

Jupiter Farms homes
Jupiter Farms winter sunset
The other section of Jupiter Farms real estate is a platted section on the south and western side of the area.  These properties are fairly typical, 1.25 acre sites and are the same platting as Palm Beach Country Estates to the SE of the Farms.

Right now there are about 90 homes on the market starting at about $ 165,000.  When looking at Jupiter Farms homes for sale, it pays to use a resident who can point you in the right direction.  If you are searching for the right agent, I have lived here 12 years and can show you some great opportunities.  You can reach me at 561-762-4073 or Coastal Florida Real Estate.