Inbound Marketing in today's real estate market

How the Jupiter real estate market, and everything else, has changed with the Internet or as it is called Web 2.0.  In the "old days" real estate offices had books with all MLS listings in them which were updated once a week.  There was also newspaper advertising, but there has always been a prohibition against advertising another agent's listings without their permission.  And the famous "Just Listed" and "Just Sold" postcards were mailed to an agent's farm area to encourage people to pick up the phone and call.

Jonathan's Landing homes for sale

And then came the Internet and mobile devices.  With these changes came the ability for agents to cross list each others listings and all MLS data.  This data feed is called IDX or Internet Data Exchange.  And statistics show that 84% of buyers start their search on the Internet.  So now the game of finding buyers has changed from holding "floor time" and being open when buyers are out prowling around hoping to snare one to dangling enticing phrases on the search engines hoping to get those prowling the web.

Jonathan's Landing homes for sale

Many potential buyers reluctantly sign in to websites in order to view more comprehensive reports or photos.        
This sign in process results in people having their Inboxes stuffed with the same listings over and over.  Now, everyone has the data what you need is information.  So how do you get that?

Find the right agent.  The right agent can make sense of the mountains of data out there.  I strongly believe the best course is to find the right agent not the right data.

If you are looking for a home in this area you can see every home listed for sale on my website (where you are not required to sign in) or any other site.  Or maybe you are looking for the right agent.   Give me a try.  I have lived here 22 years and will be happy to answer your questions when you call 561-762-4073.
Richard Sites
Jonathan's Landing Realty
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