Snook fishing is great in the summer here in Jupiter

Jupiter, Florida has some of the best fishing to be found anywhere.  But when most people think of fishing they either think offshore, ocean fishing or fresh water fishing for bass.  However, the beach fishing is great here with our primary target being the snook.  Here's a shot of one coming ashore in Jupiter.

Snook fishing in Florida
The snook is a large game fish that can reach over 40 lbs. in size and range from the Caribbean and Central America to about Daytona Beach in the north.  They are not cold tolerant so each time we have a big freeze it pushes their range further south.  They are also related to the Nile Carp which is similar in appearance.

Known primarily as night feeders, they hunt using the stripe along their side which is filled with nerve endings, to detect prey.  They  prefer shrimp, small fish, mullet and croakers.  Croakers cruise along the beaches eating sand fleas that wash back off the beach and snook cruise right behind them turning croakers from predator to prey.  Very large fish can be caught within just a couple of feet of the beach.

The best time to fish for them is from dusk to dawn although they are known for being picky eaters.  Often compared to the tarpon, once hooked a snook will fight and jump and can be fun on very light tackle.  A 15 lb. fish on 6 lb. test is a real battle.

If you head to the beaches at dusk, you will find the usual fisherman there walking the shore casting for snook.  And although they are great eating until they get very large, the summer is a closed season since they school up in the passes and along the shore to spawn.  And remember, like everything else in life these days, you need a license to fish.  A few years back beach fishing was exempt from licensing requirements but no more.

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