Heat and sun are great for the renovated golf course at Jonathan's Landing

Summer is the time we get our golf courses in shape for the upcoming season.  Most courses get verti-cut and top dressed during August.  But for those that undergo major renovations, like the Village Course at Jonathan's Landing Golf Club, summer is perfect for growing in those new blades of grass.  Fairways are usually seeded and since it is so hot and rainy, the seeds sprout and grow quickly.  Greens are sodded so they are perfect.  Here's a shot of the 7th green on the Village Course this morning.

Jonathan's Landing Golf Club

The grass looks perfect and the bunker will be refilled with fresh sand.  Grass that is used for golf courses typically has the stolons growing underground not on the surface so it can be cut down to the sand level without killing it.  Your typical south Florida lawn of St. Augustine grass would be killed if cut this low.

Once the grass takes root, frequent applications of fertilizer mean that the grass will literally explode with new growth.  Fungicides are needed to keep the fungi in check since they feed on the nitrogen in the fertilizer as well.   So when the Jonathan's Landing residents return this fall they will have another great, new course to play on.

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