Jupiter Farms gets a haircut

Jupiter Farms is a great place to live!  Located just a couple of miles west of the Florida Turnpike, life out here is nothing like living in Town. First, there are no HOA rules so you are free to do as you please whenever you please.  Second, the lots are 1.25 acres or more and are zoned so you can have backyard chickens or horses if you want and have plenty of room to do so.  Third is the abundance of wildlife.  And fourth are all the trees.

Now we lost plenty of trees when the 2004 hurricanes of Frances and Jean came through.  But we still have lots of them left.   So once in awhile the trees have to be trimmed off the power lines that run along the street.

One of the nation's largest trimmers of utility right of ways has been in the Farms working up and down each street.  As I was working in my home office today they came by and trimmed the pines I have growing along the front of my house.

They are very efficient and watching how nimble the man doing the trimming is at maneuvering his bucket through the power wires is quite a sight.  And although they are working along very quickly, since the Farms is 16 square miles of homes they will be out here quite awhile.

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