Jupiter: Delware Scrub Restoration Project is now open

Jupiter has had the foresight to save some in-town green spaces for the future.  One of the biggest problems our neighbors to the south, in fact congestion is a problem all the way down to the Florida Keys.  So saving some green space is a great thing.

Jones Creek flows through the Town of Jupiter and has been the subject of much restoration work including the removal of tons of sediment.  Now the Delaware Scrub Restoration project will join Jones Creek.

This are preserves pine flatwoods, cypress swamp, scrub and tidal swamp habitats. When visiting, you can enjoy a self-guided walk along a quarter-mile concrete trail and boardwalk that ends at an observation platform along mangrove-lined Jones Creek. You will be amazed that we still have this kind of waterfront.

Major habitat restoration work included removing invasive exotic plants and replacing with cypress and dahoon holly trees and removed more than 6,700 pounds of trash.

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Richard Sites, Realtor