Jupiter Beach, more sand on the way

Jupiter Beach, along with the entire coastal region, suffers from loss of beach sand due to long shore current or drift.  In reality, this sand just moves in and out offshore, and along the beach never really going anywhere permanently.

Tidal action here has been going on as long as there have been oceans.

The standard method of replenishment is to truck sand in or pump it up on shore.  At the Jupiter Beach Park, they use sand collected in the Jupiter Inlet.  In an area known as "The Bathtub", sand is collected during the year by the natural movement.  Then each year a replenishment project gets underway, sand is pumped out and onto the beach and our most famous gamefish the "Snook" move in and congregate there.  When the water is clear, you can see them on the bottom by the hundreds.  Hopefully, the winter storms have passed that will remove the freshly pumped sand back to the ocean in a matter or days.

So the sand is collected and then piped out onto the beach where it is deposited.  A lot of interesting shells get pumped out too.  The pipes extend from the Inlet to the needed area as seen below.

Then, earth moving equipment is brought in to move the dirt around.  It's really just one big sandbox with grown up "little boys" having a blast.

This fills out the beach until this time next year when the whole process starts all over again.  With public funds running a little low, or rather extremely low, its questionable how much longer this can go on.  The condos you see in the background of the top picture may chip in the $ 3,000,000 needed to replenish their own beach since waves are lapping the shore closer than the residents like.

Nevertheless, Jupiter is the greatest place to live.  You can see all Jupiter homes for sale on my website at Coastal Florida Real Estate.